Mission,Vision, Values

To Mission: Why We Exist

“To know Christ and to make Him known.”Grounded in Jesus prayer in John 17. Our mission is to transform the community in which we live through the power of the Spirit of God working in us. In practical terms this means in all of our activities we want to demonstrate the love of God as we interact with others around us.  

Vision -It reminds us of what we are trying to build!

“To be a missional community of people participating with God in his work of transformation in our Church, our communities, and the world.”  
We participate in mission around the world through: A portion of our mission budget goes to Canadian Baptists Ministries (C.B.M.) which works in partnership with national churches in 13 priority regions around the world.

Values: guide the methods and means that we employ.

  • Scriptures are the final authority in faith and practice
  • We are dependent upon God to move by his Spirit to accomplish his purposes
  • We seek his direction in prayer and intercede for him to accomplish his purposes.


Gift Based ministries

  • Each Christ follower is uniquely gifted by God to participate in the ministry of HGBC.
  • Ministries will be led by gifted people
  • Ministries will meet identified needs as people with appropriate gifts and time are available

Intergenerational worship & fellowship

  • We will provide regular opportunity for all ages to worship together, interact and enrich one another’s lives in worship 
  • We will provide regular opportunity for all age groups to appreciate and interact with the span of ages at HGBC  

Reaching out to the community

  • We will be intentional in taking the love of Christ outside the Church walls to meet real needs in the community.
  • We will minister to the whole person; the physical, mental emotional and spiritual aspects of our being. 

Ordinances of the Church

  • We practice believer’s baptism by immersion
  • We invite believers to participate in the Lord’s Supper 

Organization and practice

  • We adhere to our Statement of Faith
  • We practice the priesthood of all believers
  • We practice congregational government
  • We govern ourselves through our constitution